Come Book


Come Book


n this book you will:

  • Discover The Secret Place where God is.
  • Learn how to talk to God. 
  • Know when God is speaking.
  • Discover 9 rewards of spending time with God. 
  • Find true love, purpose, and fulfillment.

Are you tired of feeling unloved, unaccepted, and misunderstood? God is drawing you closer to Him. Will you COME?

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Living in this technological age has made communicating with friends and family easier and faster than ever before. But have you stopped to consider how much time you spend on social media or texting, or talking to your friends via Skype or Face Time? Are you getting closer to God or further away? You may not realize it, but God wants you to talk to Him too. You may have forgotten about God, but He hasn’t forgotten about you. Even now God’s arms are opened wide, and He is calling you to come to Him. No matter where you are or what you have done, God still loves you and accepts you just the way you are.

In Come, Kathy R. Green takes you on a journey to discover a deeper relationship with God that goes beyond surface Christianity. She gives examples of those who learned to talk to God and know His voice in their youth; and Kathy speaks candidly about her life experience; After giving her heart to the Lord at the age of ten, she was immediately drawn to a quiet place that only she and God knew about, and there she learned to talk to Him about everything – from asking God who she would marry when she grew up, to telling Him about the bullies who harassed her on a daily basis. At one point Kathy was tempted to commit suicide, but God stepped in.