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The Good Lord God Almighty is closer to you than you realize, more available to you than you would ever believe, hungering to relate and talk with you like a dear friend and knocking, nay, pounding at your door just to be let in to enrich your life. In this book God through the author stretches out his hands in loving fellowship to teach you to walk closely with him, not in the complexity of mechanistic prayers but, in the simple childlike trust as to a friend, brother, parent, teacher that is right next to you. Through this book the Lord teaches that HE is a very present help and that He is beautiful for all situations. The personal experience of the author so greatly brings it home to the reader that ordinary everyday folks can tap into the goodness of the Most High through the simple acts of asking and receiving , ... in faith. The book is strongly recommended to all who desire to get closer to God, young believers and mature Christians alike. I also recommend this book to the curious reader who desires to put God to test... and taste His goodness... and prove that He is and is a rewarder of those that seek Him. I testify that the book is the breadth of God.

C.I. Uguru
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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"Kathy Green hit it out of the park with "Pray-ers Bear Fruit." She is able to reach people on all levels of their prayer life. The book is proof that she lives the life she writes about. If you are a prayer leader, intercessor, or you just desire to know more about the simplicity and the spiritual rewards of becoming a pray-er, GET THIS BOOK!

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